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My name is Mr. Timothy Purcell.This is my 23rd year in Education, and I have been a proud Cardinal since 2008. I started out as a Math teacher, y ahora , yo soy professor de Español. I have been teaching Spanish for 7 years now. 
Spanish 1-2 is at first a continuation of Middle School Spanish, but with an emphasis on building the students Spanish vocabulary as well as the building blocks of grammar.
Spanish 3-4 pushes the students forward into a more daily life based language experience with again an focus on vocabulary building and past tense verb conjugation. 
I like to have fun with students while still maintaining a good teacher/student relationship. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, and I am here to offer help whenever my  students need me. If they need me, I will be there.
I also teach Math at Henry Ford College two nights a week. It helps me get my Math fix. :)
I am a father of two children ages 20 & 22. Both were adopted from Russia in 2000. I spent 6 weeks there, and have lots of stories!
I am an avid reader who likes sci-fi, mysteries and historical fiction. I enjoy motorcycles (Harley Road King), traveling and working around the house. My dog, Bella (shih tzu) thinks she is the boss of me! I just let her pretend.
In this trying time, the way we have always done things has been shaken to the core, but this school and it's Cardinal Family will be working, planning, and overcoming whatever it is we have to face, because we care, love and support each other and our goal is that every student who walks through our doors feels the same!