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Hi everyone.  I'm sorry we can't meet in person.  One of the main reasons I became a teacher is that I enjoy meeting new people.  I have traveled all over the world for this very reason.  My first teaching job was on the island of Crete in Greece.  Before I was a teacher, I had many other jobs including technical writing, sales, restaurant jobs, etc.  Currently, I live in Wyandotte.  I have one son, Finley who is in 2nd grade this year.  My wife used to teach math at the high school but now she has her own business.   I have many hobbies including kendama, boats, and travel but the one that takes up the most of my time now is guitar.  I play guitar in two different bands.  This will be my 16th year teaching at Melvindale.  I am teaching Lit Comp 5-6 (11th grade), Oral Communications, and Yearbook.  Hopefully we can meet in person soon!