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Career and Technical Education

The objective of a career technical class is to provide a sophisticated training experience for the student while they are still in high school, so upon graduation, they might directly enter the labor market or continue for advanced training in the chosen career area. Toward this end, the career technical programs have adopted the curriculum developed by the State of Michigan, which provides for training that has been identified as being necessary for each specific occupational area.  English language abilities will not be a barrier to the admission of participants.
1/2 Credit Per Semester
Grades: 9-10-11-12 (BMMT) (EMIT) (AC) (HS) (HuS) (NRA)
**Math Elective Credit for Seniors
**Fine Arts Credit

This course is the gateway class to specialized business courses that students will be eligible to take in the future. The Business Management & Technology program prepares students to plan, manage, supervise, and market business operations, products, and services. It includes instruction in business administration; information management; human resources management; business law; ethics; business communications utilizing application software; preparing and delivering presentations; planning and organizing projects; and decision making in a business environment.
1/2 Credit Per Semester
Grades: 10-11-12 (BMMT) (EMIT)
**Math Elective Credit for Seniors
**Fine Arts Credit

This one-year class will teach students how to correctly use the keyboard, increase their speed and create business publications and materials. In this class students will learn to be proficient, productive, safe users of computer technology. They learn to use the programs businesses use and colleges expect them to know—Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. They will also use the internet, to learn how to stay safe, best navigate the web for valid research, create a website, purchase a laptop and find their ideal career.
1/2 Credit Per Semester
Grades: 10-11-12 (BMMT) (HS) (HuS)
PREREQUISITE: Completion of Business Management & Technology with 2.0 or higher (preferred)
** Math Elective Credit for Seniors
This one-year course will teach students the financial skills necessary for successful independent living. Topics will include career decisions, money management, financial security, credit management, resource management, risk management along with consumer rights and responsibilities. This course also includes the use of an on-line financial literacy program.
1/2 Credit Per Semester
Grades: 10-11-12 (BMMT)
**Math Elective Credit for Seniors

Introduces students to the concept of the accounting cycle and focuses on the interpretation of accounting information for decision-making purposes. An overview of the basic accounting process as well as an introduction to the presentation and uses of financial statement information is provided. Specific topics studied include setting up company information, maintenance of accounts and records, journalizing and posting transactions, closing the books and creating financial statements, payroll reports, cost accounting, and inventory management. Earn college credit at Baker College if you take both Accounting 1-2 and Accounting 3-4 with a final grade of a B or higher.
At the completion of the course, students will:
  • Demonstrate the kind of information reported on and concepts used in developing financial statements.
  • Practice the accounting for and presentation of current assets.
  • Practice the accounting for and acquisition and depreciation of assets.
  • Model an understanding of what liabilities are and how they are presented on the balance sheet.
  • Classify various income statement categories (revenue, expenses) and what these categories represent.
  • Apply an understanding of the statement of cash flows.
A limited number of eleventh and twelfth grade students enrolled in Melvindale High School may elect to attend the William D. Ford Career/Technical Center. The center is operated by and located in the Wayne-Westland Community Schools. Transportation is provided both to and from the Center.
Programs are scheduled during the afternoon (4th, 5th, 6th , and 7th hour) sessions. Any student desiring to participate in one of the vocational/technical programs must make his/her wishes known to his/her counselor. Depending upon prerequisites, a student may elect from the following list of program offerings:
  • Auto Collision Repair (EMIT)
  • Automotive Technology (EMIT)
  • Construction Technology (EMIT)
  • Culinary Arts/Hospitality (HuS)
  • Digital Media (AC) (BMMT)
  • Early Childhood (HuS)
  • Game Design & Programming (EMIT) (AC) (BMMT)
  • Graphic/Printing Communications (EMIT) (AC) (BMMT)
  • Graphic Design (AC) (BMMT)
  • Health Occupations (HS)
  • Media Productions (AC)
  • Medical Assistant (HS)
  • Welding (EMIT)
1/2 Credit Per Semester
Grades: 9-10-11-12 (BMMT) (EMIT) (AC) 
**Fine Arts Credit

Students will dive into visual storytelling in iMovie (change to Adobe Premiere/Final Cut Pro when updated) software concepts in an effort to create a self sustaining weekly web-broadcast feature. Students will learn through a series of lab-based tutorials and discussions, creating short documentaries that introduce essential editing functions. Students are tasked with creating four (4) weekly “webisodes” in which an episode theme is collaboratively worked out from a basic storyboard and script pitch to a final web premiere.
1/2 Credit Per Semester
Grades: 10-11-12 (BMMT) (EMIT) (AC) 
**Fine Arts Credit

In Digital Multimedia 3-4 students continue their technical journey exploring more nuances of iMovie (change to Adobe Premiere/Final Cut Pro when updated) and strengthening their skill using the camera and editing/production process. This is achieved by the development of a one-minute documentary about themselves and a short five-minute documentary (or mockumentary) about a chosen subject of their own concept and design. The final product is a self-produced digital demo reel that students can use in their portfolios. Students will also be commissioned to work with building and district wide staff in an effort to cover special events and produce high-end video content that will be consumed either through online or physical resources. The majority of this course is instructor-led hands-on lab work.
1/2 Credit Per Semester
Grades: 11-12 (AC) (HuS)
**Fine Arts Credit

Interested in a career in the field of education? This yearlong class will introduce you to the field of education and provide an extensive understanding of children. Students study child development, educational theory, and guidance techniques; then apply skills they have learned different school buildings in our district. Students will create lesson plans and activities for students at varying educational levels. Students will learn effective methods for working with children of all ages and then apply them to real life situations. Students are encouraged to participate in additional educational experiences outside the classroom. Students will gain insights about teachers, schools, trends in education, current concerns and topics in the field and the educational system. Additionally, students continue improving their skills as professionals. Students may be eligible for articulation credit through some colleges.
1/2 Credit Per Semester 
Grades: 9-10-11-12 (BMMT) (AC) (HuS)
**Math Elective Credit for Seniors
**Fine Arts Credit

This one-year course includes basic concepts involved in the flow of goods and/or services from producers to consumers with emphasis on the four marketing principles: Product, Promotion, Price and Production. Students will explore basic principles of marketing that are needed for the job market. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to demonstrate an effective understanding of the following topics: basic selling principles, retail store operations, economic principles, marketing functions, marketing segmentation, and terminology
At the completion of the course, the students will be able to demonstrate an effective understanding of the following topics:

1/2 Credit Per Semester 
Grade: 11-12 (BMMT) (AC) (HuS) 
Prerequisite: Approval from instructor
**Math Elective Credit for Seniors
**Fine Arts Credit

This is a one-year course in which students will run the school store at Melvindale High School This course offers students experience in buying, selling, pricing, stocking, and displaying of merchandise. It also will provide students the experience of maintaining accounts, cashiering, and using marketing and management techniques.
1/2 Credit Per Semester
Grades: 9-10-11-12 (EMIT) 
**Math Elective Credit for Seniors

This course is the introduction to more specialized engineering courses that students will be eligible to take in the future. The Engineering General pathway prepares students to plan, manage and supervise the engineering design process, as modeled by team-based projects. It includes hands-on activities; a minimum of two main projects per semester; many educational field trips and engineering competitions. This course introduces the students to AUD graphing tools; instruction in the roles of engineers; the contributions of engineering in society; project management; design of products and processes to specified outcomes; introduction to computing tools and physical equipment in support of engineering design; and engineering ethics.

1/2 Credit Per Semester
Grades: 10-11-12 (NRA) (EMIT) (HS) (HuS)

Class will prepare individuals to apply mathematical and scientific principles to the design, development and operational evaluation of computer controlled electro-mechanical systems and products with embedded electronics, sensors, and actuators; and which includes, but is not limited to, automata, robots and automation systems. Includes instruction in mechanical engineering, electronic and electrical engineering, computer and software engineering, and control engineering.
The course is broken into 12 segments with a pre-and post assessment. Each semester will be comprised of six segments.
1/2 Credit Per Semester
Grades: 11-12 (NRA) (EMIT) (HS) (HuS)
Prerequisite: Mechatronics
Advanced Mechatronics is an engaging and challenging multidisciplinary engineering class that combines theoretical and practical principles in systems design, computer, electronic, mechanical, and control engineering. Students interested in studying Mechatronics can gain hands-on experience working with pneumatic, hydraulics, electricity and manufacturing of mechanical parts and machines. Students who complete this program will be eligible for post-secondary degree and certificate programs at colleges and universities.
1/2 Credit Per Semester
Grades: 9-10-11-12 (EMIT) (NRA)

Building an underwater remote operational vehicle (ROV) provides a unique learning experience for students. During the remote operational vehicle building process, students will be exposed to unique engineering challenges. Within the time frame of the course, the students will design, build and test all the systems needed for a functional remote operational vehicle. The marine and sub-marine environment also offers unique engineering challenges and design parameters that are not addressed in the terrestrial world. This provides an excellent model for the study and application of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines.
These unique challenges of an underwater environment include but are not limited to:

  • Methods of propulsion and control on or below the surface.
  • Maintaining structural integrity at high external pressures.
  • Directional control in three-dimensional space including yaw, pitch, and roll.
  • Optics and optical systems that must function in a denser medium and at very low light levels.
  • Issues of changing buoyancy as a function of changing depth.
  • Robotic arms (if used) that must be controlled from the surface.
  • Efficient use and application of electrical power.
  • The telemetry of data that must be either stored or transferred to the surface.
  • Establish research studies on the surrounding waterways in Southeastern Michigan.
  • An opportunity to integrate a wide variety of technologies not found in other robotic projects.


1/2 Credit Per Semester
Grades: 10-11-12 (EMIT) (NRA)
Prerequisite: Instructor recommendation only & Underwater Remote Operated Vehicles I
This course builds upon the student’s previous knowledge of underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and takes it to the next level. The students will have the opportunity to conduct in-depth research of the fragile existence of the aquatic environment within our local waterways. This course provides an excellent model for study and application of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

1/2 Credit Per Semester
Grades 10- 11- 12 (EMIT) (NRA) 
Prerequisites: Algebra I
The course is designed to examine the role of alternative energy in our present society. Through hands-on applications the course will cover the four major portions under the heading of the course.
  • Solar Cell Energy
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Hydro power Energy
  • Wind Power Energy
The students will also examine and research the impact of hybrid vehicles. They will play a role in the design and construction of future project involvement with the Square One Education Network in the hybrid vehicle competition. This innovation vehicle design will allow the students an opportunity to examine various cutting edge research taking place in the automotive industry.