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Ryan Vranesich - Principal

Ryan Vranesich has been the Principal at Melvindale High School since 2015 and his favorite thing about the city and his school is the people. Before becoming Principal, Vranesich served as an Assistant Principal and Athletic Director for three years at MHS and prior to that, spent six years in his own classroom teaching Social Studies.
Vranesich grew up attending Chippewa Valley and Grosse Ile Public Schools and his favorite thing to study was World History. His favorite teacher was Mrs. Brown because she made him both a better person and better student.
In college, Vranesich studied Business Management at Hillsdale College for undergrad and later headed off to Wayne State University where he received his Masters in Educational Leadership. During his own school days, Vranesich played football, baseball and basketball, but his favorite memories were with basketball and he went on to coach the sport for eight years.
Outside of school, Vranesich enjoys anything with his family, as well as playing golf and the guitar.

Trevor Kessell - Assistant Principal

Trevor Kessell’s favorite thing about his time in school was teachers who related to students and told great stories.
Now, Kessell gets to do that every day as the Assistant Principal at Melvindale High School.
Growing up in the Airport School District, Kessell loved studying history and also played football and baseball.
When it came time to decide on a career, Kessell heading off to Eastern University where he studied education with a science major and social studies minor. He later returned to Eastern for his Masters in administration. Kessell spent 11 years in his own classroom; all at the middle school level and has been an administrator at MHS since. He also spent nine years coaching baseball.
Kessell believes that learning requires positive relationships, responsibility and respect between students, teachers and administrators and said his favorite thing about Melvindale is that everyone cares about each other like family.
Outside of work, Kessell enjoys running, camping and cooking.

John O’Neill - Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Mr. O’Neill is currently the Assistant Principal and Athletic Director at Melvindale High School, and has been part of the Cardinal Family for over 20 years. He has served as a Physical Education and Social Studies teacher at both Strong Middle School and Melvindale High School respectively.
Mr. O’Neill is a strong believer in the value of educational athletics for all students in the Melvindale-Northern Allen Park school system as they promote the values of scholarship, collaboration, sportsmanship and hard work.
As an Assistant Principal, Mr. O’Neill works to further the mission of Melvindale High School in working to “Creating Opportunities and Changing Lives” for our students. He is very proud of all the work that MHS staff and students have done to make it a welcoming place from students of all backgrounds.
Over the years, Mr. O’Neill has been proud to be part of many amazing accomplishments on and off the field including the recent stadium renovation, multiple league and district titles, individual state champions, the recent State Finals run by our boys’ soccer team, and a long list of cardinals who went on to play college athletics.